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Neither coaching nor consulting, the Peer Advisory Group at Open Mind Associates

is composed of individuals from varying industries and professional fields.

By developing a high level of trust, our Peer Advisory Group allows CEOs, leaders and executives

to share fears, failures, and strategies openly with one another.

Through this work, all involved benefit from the opportunity to generate conversations

with fellow executives in similar circumstances.

Comprised of CEOs and leaders from
arts, conservancy, community and educational organizations throughout
New York City and the world, members manage institutions with annual expense budgets between $50M and $800M.



Hosted in rotation by members of the group, our Peer Advisory Group meet 6-8 times a year for gatherings designed to illicit in-depth conversations about organizational strategy and growth, as well as encourage the symbiotic nature through shared experiences of overcoming obstacles specific to nonprofit leaders.
  Benefits and Responsibilities  
In addition to individual monthly coachings with Open Mind President, Stephen J. Friedman, membership in the Peer Advisory Group offers regular meetings and expects members to present not only respectful solutions and strategies based in positive action, but the significant challenges they face as well.
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