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What clients are saying...

A CEO of a major cultural institution in New York City

"Working with Steve Friedman as a coach has been one of the most pivotal and important experiences of my professional life. Steve brings a unique combination of assets to his coaching work. He has served himself in a variety of leadership roles in different settings, and so he has a wealth of experiences from which to draw. Most coaches can imagine the kinds of scenarios that their clients face, Steve has lived them and so his coaching is imbued with a high degree of sophistication and nuance. His input is incisive, strategic, and grounded in the practical realities of executive life. He is an excellent and kind listener.

In equal measure, Steve has helped me to build on my strengths and address patterns and habits that no longer serve me. He understands and provides astute counsel on the nuances of board engagement. I have found him especially helpful in thinking through how to build and support high performing teams. Steve has helped me to adapt to new organizations and navigate career transitions. I am so grateful to have Steve as a coach!"

The CEO of a foundation that is a major source of funding for a university

"Steve Friedman brought a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the review of board governance. Although the board was deeply divided, because of Steve’s warm personality and non-confrontational approach, he was able to work with all sides effectively. Steve’s work with the university resulted in a better-defined role for the board, a clear path for addressing strategic issues, and a more respectful dialogue."

The head of corporate practice at a NYC law firm who  transitioned to a leadership role at an impact investing firm

"Steve is a wise, empathetic and gifted counselor whose contributions to my successful transition to a new career were invaluable. He guided me in thinking through and articulating what was important to me, and worked closely with me in formulating a strategy and plan to achieve my objectives. Steve brings to bear a wealth of experience and insights from his career at the highest levels of the business, legal and non-profit worlds, and I can’t imagine having a better advisor than Steve for this kind of process.”

A regional Senior Vice President of a global tech company

"Steve and I worked together for more than a year through three different jobs at the same company with every-increasing geographical and functional responsibility. Throughout, he played a key role in broadening my understanding of the nature of the new challenges being presented and how best to meet and surpass them. He was the embodiment of “what got me here will not get me there.” His background and insights were invaluable and I felt that his only interest was in helping me see the wide range of possibilities in my future more clearly and perform at the highest level. Our relationship was warm and I enjoyed his sense of humor a great deal."

The CEO of a large extractive company in Europe

"I have been very pleased working with Steve, because I was given a valuable external view on my strategies, vision and mission; challenging questions to help me evolve my vision, and see pitfalls; and very high-quality contacts to support my strategy."

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