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As an executive coach I am committed to the success of a limited number of clients all of whom work with me personally. They are effective and talented leaders and professionals who believe that I truly understand the new leadership issues and challenges they are dealing with because of my own experience and they deeply value the insights and action plans I help them create. We establish measurable outcomes and whenever possible estimate the value of achieving the client’s goals.


Clients come to me because they want a secure space to test their ideas and have their assumptions challenged. They know that coaching is a guide to the realization of exciting new possibilities for themselves and their organizations.


Unlike many coaches today, I bring to my clients an unusually broad range of real-world professional experience: in corporate law at the highest level, as EVP of two major financial institutions, as a university president, in government as an SEC Commissioner and Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary, and as chair and board member of many large nonprofits.

My blog addresses current issues facing leaders, executives and professionals.  Through exploring what drives us and holds us back, we can look at how to establish bolder goals and take concrete steps to make those goals a reality.





"Steve has helped me become a more effective leader in every capacity."


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